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Pankaj Patel – a great political person, an activist and a social motivation

Pankaj Patel an Indian political success of India is an activist. Shree Sardar Patel Sevadal

 has National Coordinator Pankaj Patel is a social worker in Mahesana, Gujarat. The state’s top concerns are employment, education, and healthcare says Pankaj Patel. A social and political activist by the name of Pankajkumar MadhavLal Patel, is renowned for his good deeds and compassion for the less fortunate.

He was born on 23/05/1983 in Ambasan village of Mahesana tehsil of Mahesana district. His childhood was spent in the village till second class, after that his father’s work area was spent in Lakhpat tehsil of Kutch district. His father Madhavlal Patel ji used to do duty in GMDC (Gujarat Mineral Devlopment Corporation) and along with him he was also the Central President of Gujarat Mineral Union of GMDC for 15 years. He has fought against the company in the interest of the employees and has also benefited many people. He joined ONGC (oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd) in Mehsana in 2010 in the Duty Electric Department but the spirit of his father. The spirit of his father was already present in him. His father always says to him,” How much we live doesn’t matter but how we live matters to us?” Because of this, Pankaj Patel joined Shri Sardar Patel Seva Dal (SPG) in 2011 and became a primary member, slowly passing his time to time and his responsibility in SPG increased. His role was first in the Jail Bharo movement in Mehsana, after that He successfully organized thousands of programs in Medni, which were very successful, due to which the people of Sardar Patel Seva Dal (SPG) gave the title “Management Guru” to him.  He began to recognize to all nearby cities for his social work.

Apart from the programs, He has prepared such a team of social media platform which was enough to defeat anyone on social platform, played an important role in 2016 district and tehsil elections and 2017 Gujarat assembly elections. The social team of 52 members makes a total change of the social platform on one of his signals. Also, He visited to many villages and did stage programs to bring awareness among women through drama (Patnatak).

Pankaj Patel tell us about the Patidar Community,”We have established such a system so that no person of the Patidar community faces financial problems in the future, in case of sudden illness or death of a person in any family, the 5000 members who have joined today, give a grant of Rs 100 to that person. 500000 rupees can be helped to the family in today’s , it will be in a transparent way. Further it is resolved to connect all the Patidars of Gujarat in this campaign.

Along with social work, he wrote on social about political topics and helps some helpless  people without even realizing it, and he connects people with the no intention. Those who want to spend 10% of their annual income in public welfare, the groups have to be gathered and help should be provided to the needy person.  Pankaj Patel is influenced by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel apart from his father and every year on October 31, Sardar Patel’s birth anniversary, He himself releases a song written by his own hand.  He used to do videography and video editing. Pankaj believe that there is no such thing that a man cannot do.  He used to do social work with passion.

In his family, His wife Sonal Patel has two sons, elder son Akash Patel who practices in class 9 and younger son in class 3. His mother Anandi ben Patel lives with him. In his life, his mother and wife contribute a lot in his social work.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PankajpatelWithFriends

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