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Pritam Jana Know As Tumita is one of the youngest musicians from West Bengal India.

Pritam Jana Know As Tumita is one of the youngest musicians from West Bengal India. He
started singing songs at the age of 10, and then blossomed into an international singer by singing
for various social networks.
Pritam Jana Forell is born on 11 November 1999 in West Bengal. He starts singing when he was
only 10 years old. He became such a musician that people from all over the world start to
appreciate what he does with his voice and who knows for certain how much more we will hear
of him in the near future.

Tumita is amongst the artist which you would love to listen and watch. The uniqueness about him
is that Tumita composes his music on Logic Pro with the help of digital instruments like Owsam.
And for his voice he uses a Harmonizer.

Pritam Jana is notable for his exceptional performance as well as excellent self-control on
instrumentals. His name, Pritam Jana (Tumita), depicts his remarkable ability to play ten different
instruments just like a hobbyist musician.
Tumita has sworn to dedicate his skills and act to further the cause of the world music scene by
creating original waveforms which have never been used before on any other establishment or

Born on 11 November 1999, at his youth, he started out by following the famous Indus Music. He
made up his mind about this as he felt in love with the number of Indians remixing and remaking
Today Tumita was born Tumita Gurung a popular Indian musisian who is just 23 years old. Ever
since breaking onto YouTube in 2016 and becoming of the most followed Youtuber in India –
making people globally want to know more about him. His first video went viral after it has
garnered over 1M+ views in total which made him an overnight success on social media and also
gave him an opportunity.
One day while sitting down in his room with a guitar, chords played

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