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Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann meets Union Housing and Development Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, demands Mohali to be made a smart city

After an 8-year-old girl said that a food delivery partner forced her onto the building’s terrace, residents and security guards of a Bengaluru flat attacked the man and reached the police. Later, though, evidence from the CCTV cameras showed that the girl was lying.

On Monday, a couple residing in Bengaluru’s Electronic City was searching for their missing young daughter who was later found on the rooftop of the apartment. After the girl was found, she told her parents that she had been brought upstairs by a food delivery man, and she had bit his hand to get away.

The girl’s parents told their neighbours and the security personnel, who then locked the apartment’s gates. The girl pointed to a delivery person who was on campus at that time.

He was assaulted by flat residents and security guards, who also contacted the police.

The police checked the CCTV footage after which it was found that the girl had gone to the terrace alone and afterward made lies to her parents and the police initially.

At the time of logging the complaint, the parents told police they went to drop their other child at the bus stop when they returned, they could not see their daughter. After 30 minutes, they claimed to have seen the girl on the terrace, where she had told them the delivery person had driven her there.

The youngster then claimed that she lied to her parents out of fear of punishment.

The Assamese deliveryman was then asked by police if he wanted to make a counter-complaint. He responded by saying that he understands parents’ situation.

The 30-year-old delivery guy said, the security guards and the couple beat him up. He also added that he had no idea as to why the girl had made the false claim.

Additionally, he told police that he would shortly be departing Bengaluru and would not be filing any charges.

When the girl’s parents saw the CCTV film, they were shocked by what they saw. Later, they expressed regret to the delivery person.

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