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Punjab floods reunite mother-son after 35 years in Patiala, emotional video surfaced – Bharat18

During flood relief operations in a village in Punjab’s Patiala, a 37-year-old volunteer named Jagjit Singh was able to reunite with his mother after being apart for more than 35 years. This heartwarming story was a testament to the power of human connection and the importance of helping others in times of need.

According to reports, Singh reunited with his mother Harjeet Kaur in Boharpur village, Patiala on July 20. Singh, a devotional singer at the main gurdwara in Qadian, had traveled to Patiala with his NGO, Bhai Ghanayia Ji, to assist with flood rescue efforts after the recent monsoon caused significant damage and claimed the lives of at least 43 individuals in the state.

When Singh was six months old, his father died. His mother later remarried, and at the age of two, his grandparents took him back to their home. As he grew up, he was told that his parents had died in an accident.

As per the reports, one of his aunts organized the event and informed him that his maternal grandmother’s house was located in Patiala. Singh’s aunt briefly mentioned Boharpur village as a place where his maternal grandparents could be residing.

Following his aunt’s statement, Singh went to Boharpur and met his maternal grandmother, Preetam Kaur. Singh started asking her questions. Preetam Kaur became suspicious initially but after she revealed that Singh’s mother Harjeet had a son from her first marriage, Singh broke down and said he was the unlucky son, one who could not see his mother for over three decades.

Singh was overwhelmed with emotions when he finally came face to face with his mother at his maternal grandparents’ house after thirty-five years. They shared an emotional embrace and both were in tears. A video of this touching moment was later shared on Facebook.

Singh, who is 37 years old, arrived with his wife, their 14-year-old daughter, and 8-year-old son.

As per the reports, he got to know about the existence of his mother five years ago. However, due to the passing of his grandfather and other relatives who had knowledge about his parents, he had limited information.

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