Rafters grapple mid-water at rafting competition in Rishikesh; Watch

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In an unexpected turn of events, a scuffle broke out between rafters at a river rafting competition in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand when a group of rafters got engaged in a fight in the midst of holy river Ganga.

A video of the said incident is now going viral all over the internet.

In the viral video, people from two rafts can be seen fighting with each other, with a person hitting another person sitting in the raft by using a paddle.

More information on the the reason behind the fight still remains undisclosed.

The altercation broke out while rafting team were proceeding towards Muni Ki Reti from their starting point of rafting journey Shivpuri.

Reports claimed, a competition was ongoing between the rafters fighting in the video, purportedly some took the competition seriously and after a heated argument the scuffle broke out.

In the video it can also be seen, to escape the beating by the rafter using a paddle to beat, the members of the boat risking their life jumped off the board into the river.

Reportedly, three men jumped into the Ganga river.

Reports claimed, no official complaint on this matter has been registered yet but Muni Ki Reti Inspector Ritesh Shah spoke to the media and said, his team has already taken the cognizance of the event and termed it as a dangerous fighting.

Shah further added that the police is investigating the matter.

Rafting is an adventurous water sport, in which generally, 6 to 8 people sit on an inflatable raft (boat) with equal members on the either sides of the boat.

Each member holds a paddle in his/her hand and on the command of their rafting guide they do steering.

Rishikesh, a township in the Himalayan foothills beside the Ganga river, is best known for rafting in India, lakhs of tourists annually visit the place.

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