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Reacting to attack on soldier, Manipur CM N Biren Singh warns people to stop violence

Manipur CM

Manipur’s chief minister N Biren Singh on Monday, issued a warning to the populace, urging them to put an end to the violence in the state or face the repercussions.

He was responding to the injuries sustained by an Army soldier on Sunday night in the Imphal West area when unidentified men opened fire without provocation.

The CM said, stop the violence. They will suffer the repercussions if they don’t. I also make an appeal to those Meitei men who are armed so that we can bring about a return to normalcy in the state, we must refrain from attacking anything and uphold peace.

Conflicts between the Meitei and Kuki communities have been roiling Manipur since May 3, has claimed the lives of over 100 people and over 300 injured and thousands displaced.

Army and paramilitary forces have been placed in the region to reestablish peace.

According to the Army, the incident took place in the village of Chingmang, when armed miscreants opened fire without warning. An official statement claimed, Army Columns resorted to controlled retaliatory fire keeping in view the presence of villagers in the area.

After being sent to the military hospital in Leimakhong, the injured soldier is now reportedly stable.

A delegation of Meitei MLAs and ministers visited Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday at his Delhi office. They talked about the necessity of putting an end to violence and preserving the state’s territorial integrity at all costs.

Ministers and MLAs demanded stern action against rebel organisations that “violated ground rules” in the state. They requested that any agreements involving the cessation of activity with such organisations be revoked.

The National Highway 39 closure at Kangpokpi, which has been in effect since May 3, was also urged by the Meitei MLAs and ministers.

Meanwhile, according to the Congress General Secretary in charge of the Organisation KC Venugopal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party, seek to prolong the conflict in Manipur rather than find a resolution while tensions remain high.

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