Shiv Nadar University student shoots woman friend in Greater Noida, dies by suicide

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A third-year student at a university in Greater Noida is suspected to have killed his female friend on campus on Thursday before killing himself, according to police officials. Both of the victims, who were both 21 years old, were Shiv Nadar University third-year BA sociology students. Sneha Chaurasia, the victim, is a resident of Kanpur, and Anuj Singh, the accused, is from the Amroha region.

The administrative personnel at Shiv Nadar University received a complaint on thursday around 1:30 pm that a male student had shot and murdered a female student outside the dining hall. According to SM Khan, deputy commissioner of police for Greater Noida, the female student was taken to Yatharth Hospital as soon as possible, where she was later declared dead.

Further investigation revealed that the University had been on summer vacation since May 17,but both students had remained in their hostels because their convocation was approaching. They were about to receive their diplomas from the university as the student’s session came to an end. The incident was captured on camera by the dining hall’s CCTV system, he continued.

The glass doors to the dining room, according to the officer, are locked. The two students came together in front of it around midday. The boys and girls hostels are located on either side of the hall. On CCTV clip, the students can be heard talking to each other,and the male student seems to be giving the female student something-possibly a gift. However the girl resisted,and the student shot her in the abdomen as a result.She tried to fight the boy ,but she was shot again ,knocking her out. The boy then turns and walks towards the boys hostel.

The Shiv Nadar University expressed their sadness and heartbreak at the tragic deaths of two students. The incident is being investigated by the authorities, who were closely monitoring everything.  All other students living on Campus are safe.

They also emphasised that their top concerns were the safety and well being of the faculty, students, and the general community. In every manner they were assisting the authorities with their investigation. The scene of the crime had been sealed for forensic examination

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