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Shocking: Rabies-infected girl bites 40 people before dying in UP’s Jalaun


A shocking incident has been reported from UP’s Jalaun village where a minor girl passed away on Monday who was bitten by a stray dog two weeks ago. As per the reports, a two-and-a-half-year-old girl allegedly bit 40 people before she died. The villagers were feared of the possibility of rabies transmission.

The girl was at her maternal uncle’s house in Kyolari village when she was bitten by a stray dog about a fortnight ago. The family member took her to a quack instead of seeking medical treatment from a doctor and they completely ignored the symptoms of rabies in her.   

After a few days of the incident, the girl’s condition worsened, and she started biting and scratching others around her with her nails. The villagers claimed that the dog had died after biting the minor girl. The incident raised the fear of rabies transmission among villagers.

On Friday, the girl collapsed and the minor’s family rushed her to the district hospital. Later, she was referred to Jhansi. However, she could not survive and died on Monday.

CHC in-charge Dinesh Bardariya said over 40 people from Kyolari village have come for rabies vaccine. He added there is no need to panic as they have enough rabies injections available.

A similar case occurred in Odisha in May this year where a stray dog bit 17 people and left them injured. Barring one person in this exceptional case, all the injured victims were reported to be out of danger.

The patients received rabies injections to safeguard themselves against rabies infection. This precaution helped them to be out of danger. Looking at the recent incident of a minor girl biting 40 people in UP’s Jalaun has shocked people. It shows that people need to be aware more about taking precautionary measures on time in such cases. This can save their life. If the victim’s family could have taken the minor girl hospital on time instead of seeking help from the quack, she could have been alive today.   

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