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Tomatoes worth Rs 1.5 lakh stolen from Agricultural field in Karnataka’s Hassan district after prices rise to Rs 160 per kg

In a harrowing incident, an Indian nursing student was kidnapped and buried alive by her former boyfriend in Australia. The incident took place in March 2021 in an act of vengeance after she ended the relationship, according to a court hearing on Wednesday. The victim, Jasmeen Kaur from Adelaide city was reportedly made to suffer by Tarikjot singh. He pleaded guilty to her murder in court on Wednesday. 

According to reports, Jasmeen Kaur, a 21-year-old nursing student was kidnapped from her workplace by Singh on March 5, 2021. Tarikjot Singh drove for over 650 km with the victim bound by cable ties in the boot of the car which he borrowed from a friend. Furthermore, Singh made superficial cuts to Kaur’s throat, but not deep enough to kill her. After this, he burried her alive in a shallow grave in South Australia state’s remote Flinders Ranges. 

Reportedly, Prosecutor Carmen Matteo stated that the murder was not efficient and the victim endured absolute terror. Matteo added that she had been consciously suffering what could only be described as the absolute terror of breathing in and swallowing soil and dying. The prosecutor mentioned that she was aware of her surroundings when she died at some point on March 6. She underlined that this is a killing that was committed as an act of vengeance or as an act of revenge. 

Reports further claim that Jasmeen Kaur was killed a month after she lodged a police complaint that she was being stalked by Tarikjot Singh. Her mother was present when the sentencing submissions were heard. She revealed that Singh was obsessed with her daughter, who refused him nearly one hundred times.

During preliminary investigation, Singh rejected the allegations. He claimed that she had died by suicide and he burried her body later. He pleaded guilty before he was due to stand trial earlier this year. In addition, he even took officers to her burial site, where they found the deceased’s shoe, glasses, work name badge along with looped cable wires. 

Reports further stated that in the afternoon of Kidnapping, security cameras caught Singh buying gloves, shovel and a cable tie at a hardware shop. Tarikjot Singh faces life sentence. His lawyer urged that it is a crime of passion and hence he can be given a more merciful sentence.

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