Train skips stoppage in Kerala, reverses 700 metres to pick up passengers

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Train skips stoppage in Kerala, reverses 700 meters to pick up passengers

In an unexpected incident, A express train in Kerala misses a stoppage and reverses around 700 metres to pick up its passengers.

The incident is reported from Kerala’s Alappuzha district when a loco pilot of the the Shoranur-bound Venad Express missed a halt at Cheriyanad railway station.

Upon realising, the loco pilot reversed the train for almost 700 metres to pick up the passengers who were waiting to board the train. It took place at around 7:45 AM on Monday.

As per reports,  the passengers who were waiting at the  Cheriyanad railway station did not raise any complaints regarding the said matter.

There was a 8-minute lapse in the timing of the train as the train had to roll back but it covered the distance and reached its destination without any delay.

Cheriyanad is a D-grade station between Mavelikarra and Chenagannur stations.

As per some reports, there was no signal by the station master or any other guards to halt the train, which is because the loco pilot missed the stop.

While some reports claimed, there is no signal at Cheriyanad station at all as it is only a halt station and signals are only given at block stations.

Railway officials have also claimed no complaints by the passengers as no inconvenience was caused to them but as per the norms of the department, a detailed enquiry will be done to sought explanation from the loco pilots regarding the matter.   

The incident is an unusual one, as often it happens when there are cases of train reaching stations late, or train getting cancelled but this is one of the first cases, in which a train skips the stoppage and moves ahead, on top of that, the train reverse back to the station as soon as the pilot realises the mistake.

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