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Unforgettable Feats: Dr. Nabal Pajiyar’s Triple Triumph in Guinness World Records

Dr. Nabal Pajiyar, a man from Kathmandu, has achieved an extraordinary feat by holding three Guinness World Records for his exceptional memory power. He is widely known as Nabal, the memory king of Nepal. His journey began with his first Guinness World Record on December 19, 2020, where he memorized an astonishing 54-object sequence in just one minute. This remarkable achievement earned him recognition as the memory king.

Not stopping there, Nabal went on to break his own record and set a new Guinness World Record on January 18, 2022. This time, he memorized an impressive sequence of 59 objects in one minute, further solidifying his position as a world-class memory expert. With this accomplishment, he became the first Nepali to hold two Guinness World Records for memory power.

Driven by his passion and dedication, Nabal continued to push his limits. Through intense practice and determination, he recently set another Guinness World Record titled “Most Memorized Digits in 3 Minutes.” The previous record was held by an Iranian for memorizing 34 three-digit numbers in a flash. Nabal surpassed this challenging feat by memorizing an incredible 36 three-digit numbers. His achievement in this category, which demands intense focus and concentration, is truly remarkable.

Nabal believes that anyone can improve their memory and concentration through proper training and techniques. He has been teaching these skills to people around the world for the past 15 years, empowering them to enhance their mental abilities. His expertise and command over memory techniques have earned him accolades and recognition, including the prestigious Best Memory Trainer 2023 award presented by the Empower Trust in Mumbai. His contributions to society have been acknowledged both nationally and internationally, and he has received appreciation from numerous Bollywood celebrities.

Currently, Nabal is busy preparing for his next Guinness World Record attempt while also dedicating his time to teaching and training individuals in memory enhancement.



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