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UP boy Vibhu Upadhyay, who performs Ganga Aarti, clears NEET exam


A resident of the Badaun district of Uttar Pradesh, Vibhu Upadhyay, who used to regularly perform Ganga Aarti clears the NEET exam. He said to the ANI reporter that he has been ambitious to become a doctor. He started preparing for NEET when he was in just class 9. It became easy for him as he started his preparation earlier. He said he has been performing Aarti whenever he gets time since 2019 and he promised to continue in the future too.    

Vibhu Upadhyay has achieved a big position in the NEET exam. Vibhu who is a devotee to perform Ganga Aarti has surprised many with his result; he scored 622 out of 720 marks in his first attempt. Vibhu secured 622nd rank in the NEET exam. He has given the credit for this to Ganga holy river. On January 15, 2019, he started his Aarti at Kachla Ganga Ghat and since then, Vibhu used to perform Ganga Aarti daily here.

In January 2019, the then DM of that district Dinesh Kumar Singh had taken a vow to conduct regular Ganga Aarti on the lines of Banaras at Kachla Ganga Ghat in Badaun. Regular Aarti started at Ganga Ghat on the lines of Banaras in Badaun only after his vow. Brahmin Archakas were needed for Ganga Aarti, so that time Vibhu came forward for it. He took the permission from his parents and started performing aarti daily in the evening along with his studies.

Later, Vibhu left Badaun 1 year ago and joined coaching for the NEET exam in Kota and started studying there. Due to his hard work and the blessings of his mother Ganga, he has now passed the NEET exam. Vibhu Upadhyay gave full credit for this to his parents and mother Ganga, along with former DM Dinesh Kumar Singh. He was preparing for this for the last three-four years. Vibhu said that whenever he will get time now, he will get involved in Ganga Aarti again.

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