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Urgent Search Continues for Missing Individual: Help Needed from Community

Dholpur, Rajasthan – The search for Rohit Kumar Kolee, a resident of Khinnaut, Dholpur, who has gone missing, remains ongoing as family, friends, and local authorities desperately seek assistance in locating him. The collective effort to find Rohit is a race against time, and the community’s support is crucial in ensuring his safe return.

Rohit Kumar Kolee, aged 23, was last seen in Khinnaut on June 4, 2023, around 5:23 PM. He was last observed wearing a distinctive outfit – a black lower, a blue cum white shirt, and glasses. Rohit stands at a height ranging from 5 feet 7 inches to 6 feet. Eyewitnesses have not reported any unusual circumstances surrounding his disappearance, adding to the mystery of his whereabouts.

In an earnest attempt to locate Rohit Kumar Kolee, his concerned family has announced a reward of INR 5000/- for any individual who can provide crucial information that leads to his discovery. The family can be contacted through the following phone numbers: Umesh Kaushik (+918006969743), Tarachand Kolee (+919784034356), and Narendra Kumar (+916378589761). The Kolee family resides in Village Khinnaut, Sirmathura, Dholpur, Rajasthan, with the pin code 328026.

Local law enforcement agencies have been actively involved in the search, conducting thorough investigations and following up on any leads or tips provided by the public. However, time is of the essence, and the family urges anyone with knowledge about Rohit’s whereabouts to come forward immediately, providing any information that could assist in locating him.

The community of Khinnaut, Dholpur, has united in its efforts to spread awareness about Rohit Kumar Kolee’s disappearance. Flyers have been distributed, displaying Rohit’s photograph and relevant details, to ensure that every resident is informed and vigilant. It is through the collective efforts of the community that there is hope in uncovering the truth and finding Rohit.

As the search intensifies, the family of Rohit Kumar Kolee remains hopeful and resilient. They are anxiously awaiting his safe return, praying for a positive outcome. The family deeply appreciates the cooperation and support from the community during this distressing time.

Every piece of information, regardless of how insignificant it may seem, could hold the key to finding Rohit Kumar Kolee. If you have seen him or have any information that could help reunite him with his loved ones, please reach out to the provided contact numbers. Your cooperation can make a significant difference and bring solace to a worried family.

The Khinnaut community stands united, demonstrating unwavering support and determination in finding Rohit Kumar Kolee. Let us come together, spread the word, and remain vigilant until he is safely located and returned to the embrace of his loved ones.

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