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Uttar Pradesh: Kanpur man files police complaint over stolen slippers from outside temple


An unusual case has been reported from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, where a young man filed a police complaint stating his slippers were stolen from outside a temple. This has been a unique scenario where a person lodged a police complaint over stolen slippers. Such cases have hardly been heard in the past.

According to reports, a complainant has been identified as Kantilal Nigam, a resident of the Dabauli area in Kanpur, who filed the complaint about his missing slippers. Reportedly, he had gone to the famous Bhairav Baba temple to offer prayers.

While he was inside the temple, a thief stole his slippers. When Nigam came outside the temple, he could not find his slippers where he left them. Following that, he started searching for the slippers but failed to find those slippers and the man had to walk home barefoot. Later, he lodged a police complaint online.

In a complaint filed by Kantilal Nigam stating that he had bought new slippers two days ago. He has been visiting the temple every Sunday to offer prayer. He added as Sunday has been considered as the auspicious day of Bhairav Baba’s darshan. It was when he came out of the temple and found that his new pair of slippers was missing. Later, Nigam decided to file an FIR online as he believed the thief should not get away with it.

According to the police officer, police have been checking the CCTV camera’s footage of the temple. The police have registered the FIR under section 379 of the Indian Penal Code. The officer added that they have also asked the complainant to produce the bill of the purchase for his slippers. Police have initiated an investigation to trace the thief.

In the past, a Pune man filed a similar complaint for his missing slippers. The thieves came to rob his house but when they failed to do so, they stole his slippers. He filed a complaint because he wanted the accused to not get away with it, as per the reports.

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