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Uttar Pradesh: Man calls off his wedding after bride blows kisses to guests

The Noida authority has reportedly formulated a plan to minimize the risk of accidents at 15 high-risk spots. The authority has allocated a budget of Rs 5.4 crore for the project. Speaking to the media, officials stated that the Noida Authority would soon issue tenders to hire contractors for work suggested by a private consultant at each of these 15 black spots. 

Previously, the traffic police in Noida identified and shared a list of 15 critical intersections with the Noida Authority, after analyzing road accidents between 2020 and 2022. Later, a private consultant was employed to carry out a detailed survey of each spot, in addition to shedding light on specific issues and suggesting required changes.

According to reports, the 15 black spots are intersections at Sector 21-25, Rajnigandha Mahamaya, Sector 37, GIP Sector 18, Hajipur, Sector 93, Sector 110, Mamura, ABCD Chowk, Chilla Border, DND Border, Phool Mandi, Nagla Bus Stop, and Sector 63 Block A. 

Reports further claimed that the survey by the assigned private consultant revealed specific issues plaguing the black spots. These issues include geometric design problems, inadequate access control, lack of pedestrian crossings and insufficient signage. The consultant also cited examples of the unchanneled traffic merges at Chilla border intersection between Delhi and Noida that often leads to accidents. The similar situation also rises in the unchanneled traffic diverges at the DND border intersection that results in accidents.

Reportedly, the risks in these black spots are higher due to lack of warning and indication signs. The Rajnigandha Chowk which is situated near Sector 16 metro station faces issues due to geometric design and insufficient access control. Moreover, inadequate traffic signage also compounds the problem. Reports further claim that at Mahamaya Chowk along the Noida Expressway, unchanneled traffic merges due to limited weaving space and inadequate traffic signage, which poses a threat. 

Additionally, the Sector 37 intersection near the Botanical Garden metro station lacks pedestrian crossing and traffic calming measures, leading to conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles. The GIP, Sector 18 intersection also suffers from inadequate pedestrian infrastructure and traffic calming measures, which often results in conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles, especially in heavy traffic conditions.

Moreover, the consultant also underlined another critical intersection, namely the ABCD Chowk near Shatabdi Rail Vihar  in Sector 62, that confronted issues with its geometric designs and unsystematic water pipe placement, thereby creating hazardous conditions. The private consultant also offered three packages, each focusing on correcting five black spots. The three packages are design improvements, enhanced access control and installing appropriate traffic signage at the respective intersections. The Noida Authority assured that they will hire contractors to execute the suggestion soon. 

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