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Viral: Elderly man beats up neighbour over parking dispute in Delhi’s Sant Nagar | Watch

A shocking video showcased an elderly man and his family members thrashing a neighbour repeatedly with a stick in an alleged clash over a parking dispute in Delhi’s Shant Nagar. The video has gone viral on social media platforms.

In the video, an elderly man was seen kicking and thrashing a man badly for parking a car wrongly. The victim has been identified as Dushyant Goel. When a woman came to rescue Goel, she was also thrashed and abused by the elderly man’s family members.

The elderly man was aggressively attacking the man and even Goel’s female companion was taunted and heckled by the group of women. The clip has been widely shared on the internet and people have expressed their anguish against the elderly man and his family members. They have demanded strict action against them.

One of the users said people are losing their sanity, behavioural changes in action and thoughts. Social media and biased politicians, police, and judiciary have convinced them that justice will not be delivered and the complaint will not be addressed. Citizens are taking matters into their own hands. Instead of sitting together and solving the issues in an amicable way, they are using violence to settle things.

Another user wrote sorry to see this. People are living on very short fuses these days. I’m sure, but for the parking issue that’s got them going, they must be perfectly good people who would jump to help each other when in distress.

Possibly 55 years old but hasn’t learned to co-exist in a civilised manner. In India, there is no outrage over casual assaults such as this, especially if it does not lead to grievous hurt. The man’s wife and daughter are equally uncivilized, a third user said.

According to a senior police officer the incident occurred on June 23. On June 23, Amar Colony Police Station received information about a fight in the B-block of Sant Nagar.

A complaint was filed alleging that Daljeet Singh, his son Harjap Singh, his wife Kudrat Kaur, and a few other family members had beaten up three people. Daljeet and Harjap were later arrested, the officer added.

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