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Viral: Railway official says tea is vegetarian after passenger refuses halal tea on Vande Bharat Express | Watch

On July 22, the Indian Railways issued a notification mandating the demolition of two Delhi mosques Bangali Market Masjid and Takiya Babber Shah located on railway lines within 15 days. In the meantime, the Delhi Board would petition the High Court on the notice sent to two Delhi mosques by the Railways.

The two mosques have received notifications from the Northern Railway administration requesting that any encroachments be removed within 15 days.

The specialists who work on the rail route have issued a warning, stating that on the off chance that the encroachments are not eliminated within the specified time period, they will make a fundamental move to recover their land.

The railway administration has stated that any illegal structures, sanctuaries, mosques, or sanctums established on their property should be purposefully removed because their territory has been wrongfully encroached upon. It also said that if the notice is ignored then the railway administration will seize the encroached land in accordance with the Railway Act.

This was followed by the statement that the parties responsible for the encroachments will be held accountable for any damages incurred during the process, relieving the railway administration of any liabilities.

According to the reports, the Babar Shah Takiya Mosque is over 400 years old.

Additionally, the railway officials have sent a notice asking for an evacuation to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) for the Malaria office in the area.

These mosques, according to the Masjid Committee, are 250 and 500 years old. Regarding this, it was stated that Sunni Majlis Auqaf received ownership of this Masjid, which included a Hujra, Courtyard, Toilet, Chabutra, and other structures, through an agreement signed by the Chief Commissioner and the Governor General in Council on March 6, 1945, and measuring a total of 0.095 acres of land.

On pages 49 to 51 of Additional Book No. 1, Volume 95, under the number 278, this agreement is recorded. This agreement also demonstrates the presence of a mosque with hujras (rooms), a well, and a bathhouse on the date of the agreement.

Also, the Waqf property in question was duly announced in the Delhi Administration Gazette on April 16, 1970. The assets included in the notification are among 123 Waqf properties that the Central Government denotified in favour of the Delhi Waqf Board on March 5, 2014.

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