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Viral: Scooter-borne goons heckle, chase car in Bengaluru

Bengaluru viral video

A bizarre video is currently going viral on the social media platform. The video shows four men chasing a car in Bengaluru. The viral video is uploaded by Twitter handle Ghar Ke Kalesh. Sharing the video, the Twitter user wrote that it is a road rage incident in Bengaluru. The video as understood is shot from inside of a moving car. The video shows that the goons were in a desperate attempt to stop the car. However, as yet the real reason is known to none. 

Altogether four people who were on their scooty were trying to stop the car. As soon as the man driving the car accelerates the speed, the scooty borne goons overtake him. As the video proceeds, it is seen that the car stops, four scooty borne goons can be seen approaching the driver aggressively. As it can be understood from the video, the man maintains his calm and attempts a narrow escape.

The driver in the car manages to drive back and then take the opposite lane through the U-turn. People across social media believe that the four men in the video can be thugs. Nonetheless, there is no proof yet.  Since the video was uploaded, it has gained more than six thousand views. Reacting to the viral video, one social media user commented that those men were South Indian Thugs. Another social media user reacted that this was a scam.

Another Twitter user tagged the Bengaluru Police and stated that people are now harassed in the city yet no response and action from the department. He added that people are taking law in their hands and that they have seen many such similar cases. He further wrote that he hopes that Bangalore police will take strict action and make the city more lovable and welcoming.

Another Twitter user, reposted a reply from Bengaluru police. In the tweet, the Bengaluru Police mentioned that the accused has been arrested. The Police stated that there is zero tolerance towards such deceptive elements. They added that in future, if any similar cases occurs, victims should dial Namma112 for immediate and swift intervention.  

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