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Viral: Woman slaps JJP MLA during visit to flood-affected areas in Haryana | Watch

A woman who had come to offer prayer at a temple in Haryana’s Panchkula on Sunday was seen rescued by the locals in hard circumstances after the water levels in the Ghaggar River rose suddenly which led her car swept away while she was in the car.

According to reports, the woman after offering prayers at a nearby temple in Kharka Mangoli, was returning back from the temple and had sat inside her car when the intense flood suddenly came raging after a sudden rise in water levels.

The flood was so strong that it was passing through the top of the car as well, due to high frequency, the car was not visible for some time. There were locals who came forward to rescue her and took the woman out of the car amid a strong wave of water and rushed her to a local hospital.

The rescue video of the girl by the locals in a dramatic way has surfaced online. Netizens praised locals for risking their life to save the girl.  

The locals showed their presence of mind and when the tidal current hit the car, immediately alerted the police and fire department. However, when the rescue teams reached the place, they found that the staircase with the team was too short to help them reach the woman inside the car in the center of the raging tides.

At this moment, the locals took out the rope from the rescue team vehicle. The locals tied the rope to a pole and reached the car amid the strong waves to execute a dramatic rescue effort.

After almost an hour of sweat and toil, the brave locals managed to get the woman out of the car safely. The woman was taken to a hospital where her condition had been stable.

According to the reports, the woman was lucky that the car hit a pole and got stuck when it was being swept away by the tidal current. The locals on their part showed remarkable courage and presence of mind to save a life. The rescue department also managed to get the car out of the flash floods. The locals showed humanity by saving a girl’s life.

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