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War of words breaks out between BJP, Congress over Rahul Gandhi’s saying Muslim League is a secular party

Bad roads have been a motorist’s bane and a traffic nightmare. We may have heard of roads caving in within days of being laid. But here is an incident that takes the cake and has a carpet involved in it. 

Recently, the residents of Hast Pokhari and Karjat in Ambad, Jalna district were shocked by the work done by the construction department and the contractor involved in the project, where a road in this area was laid as part of the Prime Minister’s Rural Road Scheme. 

The contractor claimed to employ German technology for the construction of the road. However, residents soon discovered that this claim was deceptive, as they had implemented a makeshift solution.

Conventional road construction uses a mixture of gravel, sand, and compacted soil to ensure durability. In contrast, the contractor in question had haphazardly spread the mixture directly onto a carpet-like material, rushing to complete the work.

This bizarre incident took the internet by storm, and a video of the same has been a talking point on the internet. Imagine what would have happened if this news had come from Bihar, said a user on Reddit. Others blamed the contractor and trolled him. 

The Maharashtra villagers are demanding justice from the government, and are looking for the engineer who approved this low-grade work.

Maharashtra has some 3 lakh km of roads, making it the state with the highest road density in India. 

In the recently held elections to the Karnataka Assembly, civic infrastructure deficiencies, including gaping potholes on roads, had added to the BJP’s anti-incumbency factor. As a result, the voters turned to Congress. In Uttar Pradesh, for instance, the quality of roads is far superior since the government keeps a close watch on things inconveniencing the citizenry. 

Road-laying work is usually the easiest way to pocket money for bureaucrats while overlooking the scant material or its quality. Without any accountability, such road laying has caused great damage to programmes like the MGNREGA, which ensure subsistence-level wages for the rural unemployed.

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