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Watch: Pet dog can’t sit without air conditioner; struggles to switch it on

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The dogs are most loved domestic pets. They are widely referred to as man’s best friend and are known to provide valuable companionship. A video has gone viral on social media showing a pet dog that refuses to sit without an air conditioner turned on. The pet dog belongs to the Beagle breed and is named Doodle. In the viral video, it can be seen that the pet is struggling to switch on the air conditioner. 

The owner comes close to her pet after seeing that it is not ready to sit till the air conditioner is on. The owner then tries to teach the dog to switch on the air conditioner. As soon as the AC is turned on, the pet dog could be seen contended and overjoyed. Doodle expressed its joy by giving a high five to its master. 

Astonishingly, the pet dog has its own Instagram account. The now-viral video was posted on Instagram from the its account itself. The video grabbed the attention of all dog lovers and successfully gathered much love from social media users.

As far as the personality of the Beagle is concerned, these dogs are cheerful and affectionate. They always prefer company and are very friendly. They are also considered great family pets. The owner’s act of not giving up on the dog’s restlessness until the AC is on shows that the pet’s family encourage its playfulness. In turn, Doodle keeps its family active in one or the other way.

Multiple social media users are calling dogs a blessing for humans. The video has gained more than 10 lakh views and the comment section is flooded with heart emojis. One user commented that the dog is not dependent on anyone and appreciated Doodle for a good job. Another user commented that their pet cat too does the same thing and narrates that he just sits in front of the AC and keeps staring at it until they turn it on.

The video is going viral on social media as netizens are relating themselves and their pets to the Doddle’s story. Moreover, considering the weather in mind, they are justifying Doddle’s demand to turn the AC on.

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