Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Watch: Punjab cop blocks road to protest against corruption by seniors, video goes viral


A viral video showcased a policeman blocking a highway road in a protest against his seniors claiming corruption and inaction against the criminals by his department.  

According to reports, the policeman from the Punjab police department had registered a unique protest against his seniors. The cop was claiming that his seniors had taken money from the thieves and let them go away. He also alleged inaction against criminals by policemen at his police station and lay down in the middle of the highway on Tuesday. This led to chaos and a traffic jam on the main highway of Punjab’s Jalandhar.

The video was shared by the Twitter handle named Harpinder Singh who said that a policeman was disturbed by the bribery and protested by blocking the road in Bhogpur, Jalandhar. The clip has gone viral on social media platforms. The video has garnered around 19,000 views so far.

In the video, the Home Guard personnel could be heard saying that he caught thieves and cops at his police station let them off after taking money. In the clip, he was seen stopping vehicles and tying a rope across four lanes of the highway to block roads, which caused traffic jams. The fellow policeman was seen kicking him aggressively to leave the road in order to clear the traffic.  

The Home Guard personnel refuse his senior order, however, and when the bus tries to move forward by taking the other side from him, he gets up and lies down in front of it again.

According to the reports, the incident took place in parts of the Pathankot highway in Jalandhar’s Bhogpur area. As per the report, the Home Guard personnel had arrested a thief and taken him to the Bhogpur police station. When he went to the police station and asked about the thief he arrested yesterday, his fellow cops gave him evasive answers.

Bhogpur police station in-charge Sukhjit Singh said, a young man was brought to the police station by the Home Guard personnel in connection with a quarrel. The man had applied for bail, which was granted. He was released after that, as per the report.

The police have denied the man’s charges and have also claimed that he was not kicked. 

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