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Watch: Students bid an emotional farewell to retiring teacher

Watch: Students bid an emotional farewell to retiring teacher

Teachers play vital roles in shaping students’ lives and fostering their growth. In the process of doing so, they not only earn respect from the students but love too. A video showcasing one such beautiful bond between a teacher and her students was recently shared on Twitter. And, the video has left people teary-eyed. It shows a group of students bidding an emotional farewell to their retiring teacher.

Twitter user Arohi posted the video and shared that it shows her mother retiring from the school. The video opens to show a kid hugging her mother and crying. A few other girls are seen around them. The main tweet was posted six days ago. Since being tweeted it has accumulated close to 2.4 lakh views. Additionally it has also gathered more than 8194 likes. People posted various comments while reacting to the video

One user said the moment was priceless.Another user said the love of the students was the highest award for the teacher.

Danny said he was touched by the video.

Sonu recollected his old memories with Physics sir on seeing the video.

Raj said tears in girl’s eyes meant a lot.

One user said she must be a great teacher on seeing the video. Nandita said the video was heart touching. Another user applauded on seeing the video.

One user said great things always come back. Another user said only a teacher could experience such an emotion. Shivam Sharma said when the teacher was retiring and the students had tears in their eyes this meant a lot .Prasanth was of the opinion that Teaching is a noble profession.

Manas said this was the purest love for a teacher. The video reminded Vinod Malik of his primary school. Hrirtik Sharma said there were very few teachers who make students cry when they leave.  

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