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West Bengal couple sells baby to buy iPhone 14, travels for honeymoon

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A heart-wrenching case has been reported from West Bengal, where a couple allegedly sold their eight-month-old infant to purchase an iPhone. In the shocking case, it has been revealed that the couple wanted to purchase an iPhone so that they could make Instagram reels and travel across the state for their honeymoon.

According to reports, the couple has been identified as Jaydev Ghosh and Sathi Ghosh. The shocking incident came to light after neighbours got suspicious about the couple as their lifestyle got changed. Suddenly they owned a brand new iPhone 14. Neighbours filed a complaint about the same in the police station.  

Police have arrested the couple for selling their eight-month-old baby after they received the information from locals. The report suggests that the couple also have a daughter. They travelled to many places in the state to celebrate their honeymoon, including Digha and Mandarmani sea beaches.  

The incident occurred one and a half months ago, but it came to light on July 24 this month. After the intervention of the police, the baby was rescued, and the couple were sent to police custody.

According to the report, the couple sold their infant for Rs 2 lakh to Priyanka Ghosh. Police have also arrested Priyanka in this case and taken her to Khardah police station for further investigation into the matter.   

According to the report Kamai Chowdhury, Jaydev’s father said he thought that the baby had been sent to his maternal uncle’s house. Later, he came to know that the baby had been sold off. He could not say the reason behind this and to whom the baby was sold. He came to know after the baby was sold. Kamai added his son and his wife went to Digha, Mandarmani Sea beaches. They also visited the Tarapeeth Kali temple.

Kamai Chowdhury also accused his son and daughter-in-law of assaulting him mentally and physically and a complaint has been filed.

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