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Wild elephants chase 3 men taking selfies in UP’s Lakhimpur Kheri, video viral | Watch

Wild Elepant

Three friends’ attempt to take a selfie next to an elephant almost cost them their lives when a herd of wild elephants in Uttar Pradesh’s Lakhimpur Kheri area drove them away. A widely shared video of the incident depicts the men fleeing the wild pachyderms for their life.

Three men reportedly stopped a herd of wild elephants trying to take a selfie with a mastodon while they were going through the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve in Lakhimpur Kheri district. The animals, however, quickly became enraged by the humans and charged at them, turning the situation grim.

The men are seen fleeing from the wild tuskers after realising that they are in imminent danger. One of the men trips and tumbles to the ground but swiftly gets up and resumes running, ostensibly even leaving his cell phone behind.

A spectator recorded the incident with his mobile and shared it to social media, where it quickly gained popularity. The three were attempting to take a viral photo with the herd, but they nearly lost their lives when they barely managed to flee the charging elephants.

The internet is divided on whether the man has the right to enter forest places inhabited by wild animals in light of the popular social media video showing the three men almost getting mauled to death by wild elephants.

One user said, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Some users emphasised how the preoccupation with taking viral selfies may put people in grave danger, while others emphasised the utter folly of the three men who attempted to approach a herd of wild animals without even comprehending how dangerous the entire endeavour was.

However, some section of users also praised them for having the courage to enter the wilderness and for evading the enraged jumbos.

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