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Woman takes away 13-year-old girl’s phone, child plots to kill mother

A 45-year-old woman from west Ahmedabad was shocked to find insecticide powder in sugar containers and phenyl-like liquid on the bathroom floor frequently. After closely watching the matter, she found that her 13-year-old daughter was behind this phenomenon. The 13-year-old had threatened to kill her as she took away her phone. 

With similar incidents like this continuing, the mother was compelled to dial helpline seeking for a solution. Speaking on the matter, a counsellor with Abhayam 181 women helpline narrated that their talks with the teenage girl revealed that the child wanted to kill her parents. The 13-year-old wanted her parents to consume insecticides-laced sugar or skid on the slippery floor and sustain head injury. 

The counsellor added that they got to know that the mother had snatched her phone a few days ago and had denied to give it back. This made the girl violent. The parents told the counsellor that the girl was spending the whole night on the phone, chatting with online friends or spending time on social media watching reels or posts. The worried parents mentioned that this addiction had greatly hampered her studies and social life. 

The parents were shocked as they never expected such a reaction. Reports claim that the counsellors were more shocked after they came to know that the parents left no stone unturned to provide good facilities and environment to the child. The child was born thirteen years after their marriage. 

However, this is not one such case with the helpline. Coordinator for the Abhayam helpline, Falguni Pathak stated that before 2020, they would get 3-4 calls in a day. In the last couple of years, it has escalated to three-fold with about 12-15 such calls per day. Altogether, the helpline receives 5,400 calls annually. 

Falguni Pathak added that among these 5,400 calls, 20% are related to people below the age of 18 years. She mentioned that in overall volume of calls, it would barely make 1- 1.5% until 2019 as they are not a psychological helpline. However, in the recent past, calls similar to the aforesaid incident make up about 3% of the total volume which is significant.

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