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World Embryologist Day 2023: History, significance and myths

World Embryologist Day also known as World IVF Day is observed every year on July 25 to spread awareness about embryologists and in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). Embryologists are medical professionals who study, examine and determine which sperms and eggs are healthy for fertilisation through IVF treatment. IVF is a medical procedure where the sperm and the egg are fertilised in a test tube or somewhere outside the woman’s body. 

World Embryologist Day – History

According to reports, the history of World Embryologist Day dates back to 1978. On July 25, 1978, Louis Joy Brown, the first lady was born after the In-vitro fertilization. In order to celebrate the success , Louis Joy Brown’s birthday was designated as World IVF or World Embryologists Day. 

World Embryologist Day – Significance

Reportedly, three pioneers of IVF, Adam burnley, Patrick Steptoe and Bob Edwards are honoured on this day for their contribution in the field of medical science. World Embryologist Day or World IVF Day is an important occasion whose main objective is to spread awareness of in-vitro fertilisation and the role it plays. It is also celebrated to develop this stream.

World IVF Day: Myths about IVF treatment 

IVF is only for infertile couples: It is not necessary that IVF is beneficial only for infertile couples. This procedure can also be taken by couples wherein one of the partners has a genetic disorder that can affect the baby. 

IVF pregnancies result in twins or triplets: Multiple pregnancies can be a result of IVF, but one can limit that by reducing the number of embryos that are transferred.

IVF always results in pregnancy: IVF might not always result in pregnancies because other factors like age, lifestyle, diet, hormones and infertility can also influence the treatment.   

IVF babies have high chances of being born with physical and mental deformities: The chances of an IVF baby being born with birth deformities are similar to that of a baby being born in a natural pregnancy. 

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