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Yamuna touches Red Fort after many decades as river rises at alarming rate

A restaurant in Bihar’s Buxer district has been fined Rs 3,500 for not serving sambar with dosa to a customer.

The customer has been identified as Manish Pathak, a lawyer by profession and resident of Bangla Ghat. He said as it was his birthday on August 15, 2022, he decided to treat himself and his mother since both were staying together. Manish added, he went to the Namak restaurant located in the Gola market and placed an order for a Special Masala Dosa.

Manish paid Rs 140 and took the parcel back home. When they opened the parcel sambar was missing from the meal. He further added there was only dosa and sauce. Sambar has been the most important item while eating dosa, he said.

Since it was already night, he decided to visit the restaurant the next day and complained to the owner. The next day, he reached there and asked the reason to a restaurant’s owner for not providing sambar but the Namak’s owner did not give a proper response.

Manish added that the owner misbehaved and said no one can purchase an entire restaurant for just Rs 140. As it was a case of cheating and breaching the trust of a customer. He decided to file a case at the consumer commission.

The verdict came after 11 months of trial. A double bench of judges heard the case and gave their verdict, stating that the commission has found Manish Pathak’s claim to be true and found Namak restaurant guilty in this case.

The court imposed a fine of Rs 2,000 for mental and physical stress and Rs 1,500 for the court expenses during the hearing.

Manish expressed happiness as the court ruled in his favour. The consumer court in their verdict also observed that Manish has suffered mentally, physically, and economically due to the denial of sambhar to the petitioner.

The court has given Namak Restaurant 45 days to pay the fine. If the restaurant fails to deposit the fine on time, an eight percent interest will be charged on the fine amount.

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